A heavy lip and a steady hand

Aaand we’re back!
Actually, since I’m typing on my new iPad, I originally said “Sand were backpack.” Ah, the joys of autocorrect. I’ll explain why I even have an iPad In a second.

It’s been a year since my last travelblog. These are my sins.

I’ve moved out in August 2012. I’m currently listening to one of my roommates watch The Daily Show and say things like:
“It’s true. Every invention for human advancement has been used almost immediately for porn. Except spaceships. But not the Vomit Comet. THAT was shockingly expensive.”
He just brought home kippers and prepared a High Tea at 10pm. Lapsang souchong, toast, tapenade, pickles, peppers, and water crackers. I told him it smells like cat food, and then he brought out the peanut butter. I give him due credit: that is infinitely more adventurous than I would dare.
This is my life now. It’s all kinds of glorious.

Also I’m readjusting to winter while crackling with sunburn. Literally. As we Dominicans would say in Washington Heights (WaHi) i look like chicharrones de cerdo. My skin is peeling off in strips because I just came back from Miami yesterday evening from a week-long work trip. At the very least, I survived. This was in spite of various facts: it was my first trip, had to impress our foreign partner, had to not lose anything, already effed up our hotel reservations beyond belief, I’m socially inept, etc.
Days were 8 hour affairs of sitting in a 20-foot booth while alternately trying to fix the wireless printer and listening to people haggle over expendable luxury commodities. Evenings involved large dinner parties at various restaurants amounting to well over $100 per person. Some of these places include:
-Joe’s Stone Crab
-Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
-Toni’s Sushi

We did well as a company, although it was hectic at times.
The best parts were having the mornings to myself. Almost everyday was spent at the Front Porch Cafe, working my way through the omelette selection. They were the greatest. They also had the best service, so I should probably do them a favor and write them a decent Yelp review.

A surprising amount of waiters were from Russia, and they recognized me as a kindred spirit more or less. Sometimes they tried to guess where I was from. Usually incorrectly. But the Gale Hotel also deserves a Yelp review for the great food, hilarious Russian service and free key lime pie I got as a result of said hilarity.

Overall, not a bad trip. Made a new friend/business contact. Had a lot of drinks. Enjoyed some Florida sunshine away from a New York winter. Got a weird blotchy tan.

I need to just post this so I can catch up.
Dubai is approaching. Gotta blast for now.


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