Hal tazon anani ghabi?

I just wrote a really long post and the whole thing went kablooey. I’m so upset. I flipped the iPad upside down to rest on the MacBook and then on my thigh; when I turned it over, everything else was covered with xxz d :;;$- xz ,,f

During my 30 dirham (US$8.15) lunch, I ate a pumpkin and feta spinach salad. Dubai’s idea of balsamic vinaigrette involves capsicum and poison. It didn’t help that I was sitting in the sun outside the Café Nero, unable to take my blazer off. I’m dying.
From boredom.
Everyone is bored.
We were led into thinking this was well-advertised. Instead, there are 21 companies twiddling their thumbs at each other. In fact. Most people are sitting at their desks– probably playing Bejeweled, if they have any sense. I just launched a paper airplane made out of memo paper, to much appreciation and various thumbs-up. The guy next to keeps feeding me Godiva chocolate and some kind of mentholated lemon Arabic candy. I have a sneaking suspicion these are cough drops.
I joked that we should put one on display as a 12 carat fancy vivid yellow lozenge for AED1 (US$0.27) except we’ve been waiting on some hotshot Qatari. Is that all we have going for us today? Affirmative.


I tried to explain to my boss why most people in the service industry are sticks-in-the-mud when it comes to humor and humoring people. Generally, you spend the day catering to dozens, if not hundreds, of uptight people who don’t know their way around a toilet bowl. It’s safer to remain neutral in the event you get someone who tries to crack a joke and you’ll offend them either way you react. Best not to react. Best to not get involved.

We cancelled our plans of going to the Burj al Arab. The Skyview Bar and the Al Mahara are both booked up until Friday, so we thought we’d compromise by going to the lobby bar and Al Muntaha. Seems like too much effort and way too much money in order to not get what we want anyway. It’s regrettable, as it’s another neat touristy thing to do, but then again so is camel riding. And we never got a chance to do that.

Meshy, halas.


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